Final project


This six weeks i plan to work on

This six weeks i plan to  work on adobe flash player. I want to work on a mini clip or video . i feel like we didn’t really spent enough time on it. it was just like a quick thing. The video that i will create on adobe flash will have a important meaning about  (something) don’t know yet.                                                                                                  

The interactive comic is going to be about a footballgame. the setting will be in a stadium. the principal characters will be Carlos and me, the others will be made up player. The main story line is about our football game, the game was tied and somebody had to brake that.  Everyone was loosing hope that they were not going to make the winning touchdown. By the end Uriel, me the wide receiver caught the ball and made the winning touchdown. Every one was happy and hugged me we had one the championship.

This was the interactive comic book was really interesting the characters would pop out and move around. It would to want i wanted to do by just moving the mouse. It also makes transitions between the pages. It also lights up different characters, and make actual movement in the settings. This Interactive comic was a little advanced compared to the one you made. I have learned so much from this and ow i have an idea of how to make it. Now its time to move on and plan.